Love is Louder Than …

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When 12th grader Caitlyn Sousa decided to bring the Love is Louder movement to Woodland Regional High School, she had an idea of what would speak to her classmates best.

“I wanted to incorporate a visual aspect [to the project],” she said. The video will be part of a growing array of artistic mediums expressing the Love is Louder message, including a display case in the Library/Media Center; a magazine specially designed for the cause by Advanced Creative Writing; and now a music video for WRHSOnline.

According to Cait, the concept of the video was for a number of Woodland students to proudly state and physically interpret their “Love is Louder” statements. The accompanying song, “Day by Day,” was recorded by the mighty Love Without Limits, featuring 12th grader Roy Halim and 11th grader Austin Burr.

Cait hopes that students will be intrigued by the video enough to check out the Love is Louder movement for themselves.

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