Outdoor Track Preview

With the successful indoor track season in the wraps, runners are getting ready for the outdoor track season now.

For each season, the coaches and the runners set high goals to achieve and after last season’s triumphs, the outlook is bright for this season of outdoor track.

“You have to set high goals in order to be in a position to obtain them,” stated coach Tim Shea.

Plans for the future include winning the NVLs, moving on to states and hopefully making it to the state open.

There is a whole roster of talent that should push the outdoor division above and beyond.

Seniors like Tyler Murphy, Chris Savvidou, Dan Park, Kate Trauger, and Brittany Albright are just few among the many who will help advance the team.

“There really is too many to name,” said Shea, regarding other successful members of the team.

The potential for this season’s outdoor track success is promising.

S. Rafferty

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