Riverwalk for Fitness

“Wheeling and Able” is the breakthrough idea of Todd Johnson of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, CT Chapter and Tad Duni of LifeDesigns and founder of MovingWithHOPE, Inc., a new Lower Naugatuck Valley non-profit. Their goal is to promote the recognition of one important fact: Individuals excel when given the appropriate skill sets, social support and access to a healthier environment; wellbeing improves, families stay strong and the likelihood for long and gainful employment increases.

The event promotes routine physical activity and encourages Valley residents of all ages, abilities, and businesses to realize how improtant events like this are as a catalyst to help us all maintain routine physical activity.

As a young adult, this event is a simple and inexpensive way to foster support for your health and fitness and help show that anyone — regardless of age, ability, and fitness level — can go for a comfortable walk or wheel. The Wheel/Walk benefits a great cause — to the support those with spinal related injuries or diseases and their families by being an advocate for their rights while serving as a resource to its memebers and the general public. The chapter provides individuals with support and furnishes information to afford greater awareness of disabilities, spinal cord researc, preventing and education — and is a terrific start and an annual reminder for all people that making time for routine physical activity and better nutrition is easier than you think!

The riverwalk will be held on Saturday, October 3rd at the Shelton Riverwalk in Shelton, Connecticut. The walk will be held from 7-10 A.M.

Several events will also be taking place during the walk, including a martial arts demonstration from Erik Kondo and Elixon Lopez. Kondo is the owner/operator of Not-Me.org, which teaches self-defense from a wheelchair. Lopez is the owner/operator of “Elixon’s Sold Self Defense”, an able bodied instructor with multiple Black Belts.

A food booth near the Farmers Market will also be available. All the food proceeds will be going to the Derby Shelton Rotary Club.

Informational booths on how people of all ages and abilities can increase physical activity and make healthier nutritional choices will also be available.

The wheel/walk costs $25 on the day of the walk, but $20 if you pre-register.

To register visit www.sciact.org or call 203-284-1045.


Photo Credit: http://www.spinalcordinjury.net/docs/scirrtc.html


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