Welcome to Woodland for Women Worldwide

This brief two- minute video clip called The Girl Effect from gives a better understanding of the purpose behind our mission.

Woodland for Women Worldwide is a coalition of students, teachers, staff and community members that is committed to bringing awareness to the many violations of women’s rights that still occur throughout the world today. Inspired by Nicholas Kristof’s and Sheryl WuDunn’s book Half the Sky, it is our mission to provide support to non-profit organizations that work to free women from oppression.

Each year Woodland for Women Worldwide will support different organizations that help women in developing countries. This year our fundraising efforts will be devoted to the Central Asia Institute and the Somaly Mam Foundation. Furthermore, a Leadership Scholarship for girls from Woodland Regional High School and a WWW Alumni Volunteer Abroad Scholarship for graduates of WRHS who are interested in doing volunteer work in developing countries will be established.

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